Bijeenkomst Koudijs Kafe – Emmy Polkamp

De Rotary Den Bosch West bijeenkomst vond dit keer plaats in het Koudijs Kafé in De Mengfabriek op de Tramkade. Daar presenteerde Emmy Polkamp haar concept voor het popup‬ hotel‬ To Many Places.

A nomadic hotel concept.

Emmy Polkamp has designed a travelling hotel to house guests during festivals or other events. ‘To Many Places’ can be set up inside an empty building and consists of a number of tent-like single or double rooms, plus features for a communal living area and kitchen. With yoga classes or an outdoor cinema it includes its own entertainment. Guests get the best of two worlds: the comfort of a real hotel bed, plus the social benefits of camping. The concept also literally opens doors: using these disused buildings as event spaces opens them up to locals, too.

Rotary Den Bosch West

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